See Our City Tours – Why Use a Local Guide?

A local See Our City guide…

  • …knows the city best and is a local expert
  • …knows what is going on from special events to road closures
  • …provides you with an in-depth feel for the city, not just historic facts
  • …knows how to adapt in case of unforeseen events such as traffic, illness etc.
  • …brings a “fresh face” to the group
  • …provides the group with information on how to best spend free time in Ottawa (restaurants, evening activities, shopping etc.)
  • …highlights the importance of the Capital and can also provide the group with an inside look into the political side of Ottawa: visit Rideau Hall, a visit of Parliament Hill and Parliament Buildings, the Supreme Court etc.
  • …can provide you with tours in languages other than English and French including German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Cost Savings

  • ….will lower your overall costs as there will be no travel, hotel, per-diem, training or recruitment costs
  • ….will give you discounts for other attractions including the Haunted Walk*

*The Haunted Walk offers a variety of historical tours including several with a ghostly theme examining the darker past of both Ottawa and Kingston. A discount applies when booking more than one service with See Our City/The Haunted Walk

We work with you as a partner, NOT a competitor

As See Our City is a local inbound tour service provider and does not provide itinerary development services directly to the consumer, we can offer assist you, without becoming your competition. We can provide you with experienced and well-trained tour guides as well as itinerary suggestions on (free) attractions here in and around Ottawa that are customized to your group.

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